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08:39 17 Jul 24
Having made a reservation, five days before & contacting them again, even & the same day, the table had not been reserved & their behavior was rude, telling us, 'a mistake was made'. Unacceptable!
sotiris siritossotiris siritos
23:21 13 Jul 24
Prices 30-40% above average. Normal food. Small portions. Not worth.
Very tasty food in a pleasant atmosphere but what really impressed me is the prompt service, the cooperation of all the staff and how quickly all the dishes came as the restaurant was full of people. We will definitely prefer you again, thank you very much !!
Anastasis ZerfosAnastasis Zerfos
09:56 11 Jul 24
The best (fresh) seafood I've eaten in Athens!!I felt like I was on an island from the atmosphere and the delicious dishes ✨️
Evangelia-zoi VasilakiEvangelia-zoi Vasilaki
04:53 07 Jul 24
Theo AgrapartTheo Agrapart
14:29 04 Jul 24
Seaside restaurant on the port coast. Hearty dishes, balanced flavors, good value for money, large choice of seafood. I recommend without hesitation!
Gürkan AtmacaGürkan Atmaca
18:06 03 Jul 24
This place is fantastic! The view is breathtaking, and the ambiance is relaxing. The appetizers are delicious, and the staff is very friendly. I will definitely come back next time. Highly recommend!
19:23 30 Jun 24
sirikan Kasirikan Ka
20:08 29 Jun 24
The atmosphere is very good. The food tastes good. Even though there are a lot of people, the service is good 😊
10:54 21 Jun 24
Average restaurant.We really liked the fried feta cheese.Their bread was very hard and seemed like it was a few days old.
Every time we say let's give him another chance... but every time it's worse. Only the location is worth it... Service non-existent, tables and chairs ready and food below average... The prices have gone to heaven for what they serve and are indulgently unacceptable.
John IcemanJohn Iceman
18:57 18 Jun 24
The cunning businessman does not serve water from the tap only bottled, a complaint has already been made on the relevant platform
Emőke KósaEmőke Kósa
11:58 15 Jun 24
parul sahuparul sahu
18:54 14 Jun 24
Great view and seafood selection. Highly recommended.
Nikolas XenosNikolas Xenos
09:35 09 Jun 24
Good food, some dishes too expensive for the portion they offered. Most of the waiters asleep.
Klil KrantzKlil Krantz
19:42 08 Jun 24
17:02 06 Jun 24
Ignorance of Greek hospitality and the profession...
Oleksandr KucherOleksandr Kucher
17:39 25 May 24
Ioanna VatsolakiIoanna Vatsolaki
19:08 14 May 24
We used to be regular customers here as we loved the great food, the excellent service and the place. Tonight was probably the last time we ate here. Nothing is the same anymore, the prices rocketed, the quality of the food and the service went below average and the overall experience was not pleasant. Too bad, there has been a change of management and this is very strongly depicted on everything! Even the music was crap this time! Great disappointment and extremely expensive for what it offers now...
Chris Kennard (C.K.)Chris Kennard (C.K.)
20:08 13 May 24
We've been going every week since we discovered it. Amazing fish, salads and appetizers
For the place it is, the food is surprisingly good. Classic seafood dishes traditionally made in a nice environment in my opinion. The staff was very kind and the price relatively reasonable. Don't expect any surprises, and I mean that in a good way.
Artakserksis GiorkasArtakserksis Giorkas
18:00 04 May 24
Every moment at Palaio Faliro Nautical Club was a frustrating experience. We had decided to go there for a family dinner. The food was simply unacceptable. The dishes were cold and tasteless, and their taste disappointed even the most inexpressive of us. The octopus in particular had no taste as all the dishes came without oil. Even our children, who are usually tolerant at various restaurants, refused to eat more than a few spoonfuls. It should also be noted that the shop's menus are all taped together and look nothing like a neat restaurant menu.However, we have to admit that the service was unexpectedly excellent. The staff were friendly and tried to make up for the food's shortcomings with helpful advice and polite behavior. Because of this I am giving 5 stars for the service, although I am sorry to say that we will not be visiting the shop again
Daniele CompagniDaniele Compagni
13:58 01 May 24
Not a very good experience, we called to book saying that we also had two children with us and asking if they had high chairs for them, we were told yes so we confirmed the booking, unfortunately instead there were no high chairs, there were given cushions to put on chairs, which with children under one year old makes lunch hell, if we had been told we didn't have them we probably would have gone somewhere else, good food but small portions for the cost , the very salty olives, almost inedible, luckily we were also brought some bread at the beginning of lunch which toned down the salt, I think made hot on the spot, very good.Overall good but for those prices I expected more.
Paris DParis D
06:48 30 Apr 24
Constantinos CalogirouConstantinos Calogirou
17:20 27 Apr 24
a very nice spot inside the marina for seafood with impeccable and fast service, great choice for a sunny lunchtime stroll.
Xanthi FilippouXanthi Filippou
13:17 20 Apr 24
Charilaos SachinidisCharilaos Sachinidis
06:09 17 Apr 24
Louanne _dngrLouanne _dngr
18:23 15 Apr 24
Service and welcome to be reviewed!
Delicious dishes but the tables are too crowded, resulting in a disturbance! The service... just pick up and bring the order.
Eren CeylanEren Ceylan
22:00 06 Apr 24
Alex TzilAlex Tzil
13:38 06 Apr 24
Amazing food and nice location
Stef KormpasStef Kormpas
09:23 03 Apr 24
Beautiful place with fish options, sea (marina) view and fair pricing.
Angelos PalaskasAngelos Palaskas
18:56 30 Mar 24
Kelly K.Kelly K.
21:37 26 Mar 24
Anastasios FilippatosAnastasios Filippatos
14:03 26 Mar 24
Good food and quick service.
Christina PapouliaChristina Papoulia
20:38 25 Mar 24
The food was tasty, the portions small, except for the salad. Quite expensive for the quantities it serves. It seems that there is a need for organization in the service. I would not visit again due to the rudeness and lack of understanding between the staff. I hope these comments will become an occasion to do something better.
Nikos LsNikos Ls
08:48 25 Mar 24
The Duke of JökThe Duke of Jök
08:48 19 Mar 24
Some years ago it was very neat. Now only the quality of the food is left and the quick service. Courtesy zero, organization below zero and prices constantly skyrocket. 8 euros for 4 pieces of bread! 16.5 euros for half a fried squid! Almost 10 euros for the village girl who only has a cucumber for a sample and is tyga about the coarsely chopped green peppers and onions... The waiter spilled a plate on our chair and didn't even apologize, didn't even come to clean it up. The service has become a third-quarter tavern and I say little... It's a shame, just a shame.
14:12 14 Mar 24
21:08 13 Mar 24
Mariam LelashviliMariam Lelashvili
12:00 09 Mar 24
Less touristy, very nice place in the port, by the water. Everything you need to relax while traveling: good atmosphere, delicious local food and friendly service.I especially liked marinated anchovies with onions 😌
dimitris vezirisdimitris veziris
15:15 03 Mar 24
14:43 03 Mar 24
Marianna QueenstyleMarianna Queenstyle
11:06 20 Feb 24
Steve DeeSteve Dee
11:45 12 Feb 24
I have just eaten Here, the fresh anchovy, and octopus was delicious. I had the Orzo Shrimp and it's was moist and succulent. This was a very good lunch. Many thanks
Dávid FülöpDávid Fülöp
18:37 06 Feb 24
JORXE XanthosJORXE Xanthos
13:59 06 Feb 24
If it's a nice day, it's worth eating at this simple and nice restaurant, next to the sea, the food was delicious, the service girls and boys perfect, siphons, the prices are good to a bit stingy, they leave the bottled water traditionally like everyone else, the only serious drawback is that we struggled to eat, the decorator must have a lot of inspiration, the tables are curved and the dishes were rolling down, the chairs too low in relation to the table completely uncomfortable..... Toilets spotlessly clean very important !!! At the end, it has a nice sweet icing on the spoon, we had a great time!!!!🤗
17:47 04 Feb 24
ioanna iatrelliioanna iatrelli
10:14 04 Feb 24
George ChronakisGeorge Chronakis
07:33 04 Feb 24
Nikos DevelekosNikos Develekos
22:34 03 Feb 24
Simply ShishSimply Shish
22:19 02 Feb 24
First time here recommend by a friend.It’s a beautiful casual seafood restaurant in Palaio Faliro and right in front of a yacht marina.Currently it’s winter but we had the same amazing experience of sitting outside as you would during summer.The food was fantastic, the salad fresh and satisfying… French fries could be better but that didn’t stop us from enjoying everything else that were finger licking good including the fish.After the meal they offered a complementary sweet dessert and a mastiha digestif shot, very Greek way of after a meal treat.Overall great experience and a fantastic place for big family.The stretched marina is beautiful to walk after a meal. Highly recommend this restaurant.
Lefteris AkisLefteris Akis
20:16 02 Feb 24
Ahmed TagAhmed Tag
06:51 01 Feb 24
Maria ChatziantoniouMaria Chatziantoniou
12:00 30 Jan 24
Michael BelessisMichael Belessis
06:46 29 Jan 24
Milena NarvaezMilena Narvaez
15:29 23 Jan 24
Nice place, I don't recommend it, I had strange elements in the food.
Svetislav II PonjavicSvetislav II Ponjavic
13:15 14 Jan 24
Nice place with see view, good food, great service.
filippos peristerisfilippos peristeris
22:34 13 Jan 24
Spiros AthanasiouSpiros Athanasiou
15:31 13 Jan 24
Nice space although outside it was very hot from stoves.From food that we tried it was very nice & tasty.Fast service with a smile from very helpful young people.Prices very reasonable.Parking ... depends on the day!!
Nikos KapetanakisNikos Kapetanakis
13:19 13 Jan 24
Lena BoutatiLena Boutati
14:26 12 Jan 24
Mady MotsiMady Motsi
17:38 09 Jan 24
Katerina DileKaterina Dile
19:37 08 Jan 24
Georgios KokosioulisGeorgios Kokosioulis
04:09 07 Jan 24
dimitris M.dimitris M.
20:38 06 Jan 24
Ever since it went mainstream, it's gone bad.the food is mostly average and the service is unmatched! Most dishes taste indifferent.
Alexandros MourikisAlexandros Mourikis
04:52 05 Jan 24
Direct view to the sea, perfectly for sunset and dinner. The food is magnificently delicious, especially the crab salad. We ordered 2 plates of spaghetti, which was tasty, hot and full. Even the bread is so soft and fluffy.The restaurant is huge and kinda busy, so service is just acceptable. We got a bottle of water 3 times, cause the waiters kept bringing it back and forth.In case you wanna sit outside, bring your coat for dinner.For sure we'll love to come back.
Maria AriasMaria Arias
00:52 20 Aug 23
Food was delicious and the waitress was very warm and charming. Too bad is to far from home. I'm in Sunrise and they are in Athens 😩
Ng HsiaojietNg Hsiaojiet
00:39 05 Jan 23
Service was quite bad. The restaurant was beautiful and cosy, so we half expected the service to be as amazing. However, it wasn’t great. We had to ask thrice just for water. Food wise, only the shrimp pasta with white curry was delicious, the rest were edible.
Jared LarsonJared Larson
05:33 08 Oct 22
We were there as a very large group. There were over 12 courses to the meal. Each dish was excellent, and way too filling.
Anna Maria SotirakiAnna Maria Sotiraki
22:15 22 Jul 22
Good and fast service, very professional.Tasty food with very good presentation.However it is not really value for money and portions are tiny.
Karitas MitrogogosKaritas Mitrogogos
04:14 02 Jul 22
This restaurant's location is tops ... especially on a hot summer evening, like yesterday (30 July)! The view of the marina, from our table was beautiful ... and a stunning sunset made the atmosphere truly pleasant and worth a visit ... and thus I'm giving the restaurant the 4th star!To be honest I was disappointed with the food and the totally unorganised, but friendly service. However, I believe that the place has great potential and I have a feeling that both the kitchen & service personnel were totally overwhelmed by the number of tables & customers!The menu has a lot of choices and from what I tasted I liked the Almira greens & the Octopus the best ... seen in photos.
Yannick BruyninckxYannick Bruyninckx
05:37 27 Jun 22
Nice restaurant with a lot of tables outside. Stunning view on the marina and the setting sun. Classic Greek fish based dishes. We had a lovely time.
samer radisamer radi
20:03 11 Feb 22
Wonderful place for seafood 🦞 wonder view of the marina , I was unlucky to have a very rainy day but still the view was amazing , super friendly staff and excellent service, all dishes were super tasty except the fish fillet , looked dry and not fresh and very oily , I raised this to the waitress who served us and she assured it was fresh fish 🐠 fillet but honestly it didn’t look so , price $$$$Chance of coming back : possibly

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